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  1. The establishment of this method of herbicidal screening using chlorella pyrenoidosa as model organism will be helpful to the development of herbicide pharmaceutial in china . and what ' s more , it is possible to screen insecticides , fungicides , and algicides using this method
  2. In this research , we tested 43 herbicides which include 20 different chemical classes and 11 different modes of action using 5 unicellular green algae . the results showed that chlorella pyrenoidosa was more sensitive than the other 4 algae and was suitable as target organism during herbicide screening
  3. Therefore , the in - vitro systems can form a second screening net to ensure that potential compounds not be missed . morever , the results of microscreening also showed this method is suitable to make the requirements for high - throughput screening ( hts ) in vitro . besides , we have studied the effects of several frequently used solvents and adjuvants on the growth of chlorella pyrenoidosa and determined the solvent system which can be used to solve technical compounds ( tc )


Chlorella pyrenoidosa is a species of fresh water green algae. It has been used medicinally as a chelatory agent, for example to extract Dioxins and dioxin-like compounds from the body.


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