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  1. The globus toolkit has been developed since the late 1990s to support the development of service - oriented distributed computing applications and infrastructures . core gt components address , within a common framework , fundamental issues relating to security , resource access , resource management , data movement , resource discovery , and so forth . these components enable a broader " globus ecosystem " of tools and components that build on , or interoperate with , gt functionality to provide a wide range of useful application - level functions
    Gt globus toolkit是面向服务的分布式计算应用和基础设施的开发工具,它以上世纪九十年代以来的许多分布式系统和技术为基础,其中较有影响的是过去十几年的metacomputing , legion和i - way等创新项目,以及当前的web service ,虚拟机和peer - to - peer架构等技术。


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