cultured soil中文什么意思

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  • cultured:    adj. 1.有教养的,有修养的,高 ...
  • soil:    vt. (给畜舍内畜牲)喂青草[青饲 ...
  • not cultured:    非培养的
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  1. Laboratory culture experiment with the same treatments as pot experiment but without plant was carried out synchronously under constant temperature ( 25 ? ? ) and 20 % soil moisture . to study the influence of inhibitors on the dynamic process of transformation and variation of availability of cd in soil , laboratory cultured soil was sampled in certain interval during the 128 - day cultured period for the analysis of cd availability and speciation . in adsorption - desorption experiment , the tested soil had fistly been cultured under constant temperature ( 25 1 ) and 20 % soil moisture for two months after the treatment according to the designed plan , then isothermal adsorption - desorption experiment was proceeded when the reaction between inhibitor and soil tended to be stable
    石灰施用量对植株吸收锅有显著影响,植株各部位锅含量k )与石灰添加量… , )的关系可以很好地用方程y叫( ax斗bx化)描述,石灰对植株锅累积的调控存在一个最佳抑制效应剂量,低于或高于这一剂量均不能达到最佳抑制效果,但对于不同植株部位和不同污染水平,最佳抑制效应剂量不同;低用量下,单位石灰添加量对植株吸收锅的抑制作用比高用量时大,因此若综合考虑调控剂的施用成本及其对生物量的影响效应,则在本试验条件下以施用石灰0


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