data abstract中文什么意思

发音:   用"data abstract"造句
  • data:    n. 1.资料,材料〔此词系 dat ...
  • abstract:    adj. 1.抽象的 (opp. c ...
  • abstract data:    抽象数据
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  1. ( 3 ) with three - tier system object - oriented programming module technique , the middle tier of system core is completely transparent , and the developers increase the code reusability by the data abstract and data encapsulation
    ( 3 )本系统设计采用三层结构的面向对象模块化设计技术,系统核心的中间层完全透明,通过数据抽象和封装,开发者可提高代码的可重用性。
  2. This paper introduces xml and db interface , and researches about interface between xml and dbs . co - operating between xml and dbs has been realized in this paper . that means data can be exported from a db to a xml document and data abstracted from a xml document can be send to a db
    本文主要介绍了xml技术、数据库接口技术和对xml与数据库的接口的研究,实现了xml和数据库的交互,即从数据源数据导出xml文档, xml文档导入数据库。
  3. Construct the framework of district logistics information platform with design those basic function modules such as data abstract , vehicle dispatch , cargo track , contract support , synthesis information release , decision support and date transfer . in the end of the thesis , analyzes some problem concerned in the practice of platform construction and also give some possible directions for deep study afterwards
  4. Firstly we introduced research background and theory foundation . data characteristics of half structure and xml and cscw are simply introduced ; very important critical technology of cooperation work : transform between xml and the relational database is researched deeply secondly . the emphatic questions such as principle and thought are expatiated , and a general transformation rule and realization such as the data abstract , integration and transform are put forward ; as well as we introduced data binding in java environment , and put forward a datachange model which works in cooperation work
    本文首先介绍研究的背景和理论基础,对xml 、 cscw技术和web的半结构化数据特点做了简单介绍;接着对数据库协同工作中的关键技术: xml与关系数据库之间的相互转换进行了深入的研究,阐述了转换过程中的原理、思想精髓等重点问题,提出了通用的转换规则,以及在web数据库中数据的提取、集成、转换等实现技术;同时还介绍了在java环境下数据绑定的过程,并提出一个协同数据库管理系统的模型datachange 。
  5. This essay first dicussed the key steps of preprocessing in web log mining , which include data abstract , data cleaning , user and session identification and path completion etc . especialy we proposed the algorithm of the web log data preprocessing include frame page . and secondly we discussed the technology of building an adaptive web site , include log data cluster mining , user visiting pattern learning , site structure transformation and presentation etc . ; and we proposed indual user log visiting pattern , user model onling learning algorithm , index pages synthesising algorithm , site structure transformation and presentation algorithm and so on


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