发音:   用"data-in"造句
  • data:    n. 1.资料,材料〔此词系 dat ...
  • data in:    输入数据; 数据输入
  • for data:    循环数据
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  1. Data - in - voice div
  2. You re probably already seeing that these two listings contain the same data - in fact , they are semantically equivalent
  3. Nowadays , 99 % web site organize their information to web paper by html which is a semi structure format , and provides no semantic , and data organized by it can not be understand by computer , so computer can not analyze those data - in order to help people to find the information they want , some filter systems based on keywords appears . and those systems have became a indispensable part of the filter techniche . on the base of researching those systems , we provide a arithmetic based on qa
    现在, 99的web站点的格式都是采用html这种半结构化的数据格式来表示,而html标记语言缺乏对语义的支持,无法让计算机理解信息所蕴涵的语义,从而也无法从这些数据中分析出隐含的信息。为了帮助用户从基于html的文档中查找有用信息,出现了很多基于关键词的过滤系统,另一方面,形成了面向互联网的过滤技术中不可或缺的一部分。
  4. First , based on the analysis to the development condition of computer and property of the input data of bridge , this paper , taking convenience and practicability as principle , develops the multi passages data - in system made up with human - computer interactive interface and excel import model . second , after comparing and analyzing to the calculation theories and methods of creep and shrinkage , clearing up the key steps of creep and shrinkage analysis , the paper takes incremental method to establish program to analyze secondary inner force caused by creep and shrinkage . third , the paper puts some optimal or simplified treatment to the contents of pre - stress and develops relative program ; in addition , through analysis to the different methods used to calculate the secondary inner force caused by pre - stress , the paper combines equivalent load method with finite element , carries out some simplified treatments , and establishes program to calculate secondary inner force caused by pre - stress


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