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  1. All above showed that peacl preserved the polymerization activities of actin , and gfp fusion gave facilities for the study of microfilaments proper ties in vitro . monomer his - tagged peac1 - gfp could notably inhibit dnase i activities
    上述结果表明,通过gfp的融合而在大肠杆菌中可溶性表达的peac1 ,不仅很好保持了肌动蛋白的聚合活性,而且gfp的荧光特性也方便了微丝体外特性的研究。
  2. Polymer his - tagged peac1 - gfp efficiently activated myosin mg - atpase activity , which indicated that peacl might take part in correlative living activities in vivo . moreover , this result provided experimental proof in vitro for fusing gfp to actin isoform directly to study the dynamics of microfilaments and its regulation in vivo . we prepared rabbit anti - pea actins polyclonal antibodies using peacl as antigen which being expressed and purified from prokaryotic cells , and the antibodies possessed better immunity activity to pea actins
    通过肌动蛋白体外对dnase以及肌球蛋白atpase活性影响的研究,发现单体his - taggedpeac1 - gfp能显著抑制dnase活性,在肌动蛋白聚合条件下能有效激活肌球蛋白atpase活性,这一结果预示着peac1在体内可能参与相关的生命活动,为利用gfp直接与肌动蛋白异型体融合来研究体内微丝的动态变化及其调节提供了实验依据。
  3. The total rna was purified from the germ in the liquid by the guanidine isothiocyantehod method , then the total rna digested by dnase that had not rnase was used for rt - pcr . i change the magnesium ion dencity in the pcr system in order to optimize the pcr condition . at the end i selected the magnesium ion density as 1 . 25 mm . the production of rt - pcr was inserted directionally into pgem ? z ( ampr ) . the pgem ? z ( ampr ) was used to transform e coli jm109 . i got a positive clone through culling and identificatin . the dna sequence inserted into pgem ? z ( ampr ) was sequenced and blasted with the cdna sequence of the # - mannanase mature peptide that got from genbank
    分取诱导培养液中的菌体,用异硫氰酸胍法提取总rna ,总rna再经无rna酶的dna酶处理后用于rt ? pcr 。在pcr扩增目的基因时,通过优选扩增体系,使镁离子浓度为1 . 25mm时rt ? pcr可顺利地获得目的基因,并能定向克隆到载体pgem ? 3z ( amp ~ r )中。用克隆载体转化宿主大肠杆菌jm109 ,通过筛选获取阳性克隆子,对阳性克隆子进行酶切与pcr鉴定,并对载体中插入的目的基因进行测序。


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