electronic mail address中文什么意思

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  • electronic mail:    电子邮件(=E-mail)。
  • address:    n. 1.(信上的)称呼,姓名;地址 ...
  • mail address:    信件地址; 信件位址; 邮件位址; ...
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  1. Please communicate the name and electronic mailing address of this person to the world scout bureau so that he or she can be kept informed
  2. 2 . 3 you agree to notify tdc promptly if there is any change in your telephone number , address , electronic mail address and payment information details such as credit card account numbers , expiry dates and other details
    2 . 3如阁下的电话号码、地址、电子邮件地址、付款资料详情如信用卡账户号码、届满日期及其他详情有任何变化,阁下同意即时通知贸发局。
  3. We also received 133 letters and electronic mail addressed to the task force , the contents of which are , in our view , outside the scope of the fourth report or constitutional development . we therefore have not included them in appendix i to this report


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