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  • engineering:    n. 1.工程(技术),工程学。 2 ...
  • formula:    n. (pl. formulas, ...
  • formulas:    formula的复数; 表达式元素; ...
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  1. Abstract : the effects of airfoil geometric parameters on wing " s spacial and polarized scattering characteristics have been systematically revealed . the results of the study indicated that the calculating value of diffraction from trailing edge by using the formula of the straight wedge is very far from experimental results for vertical polarization , and the contribution of thickness of the trailing edge to scattering must be considered in the calculation . the scattering peak of leading edge depends only on radius of airfoil for horizontal polarization . but for vertical polarization , it depends on maximum thickness and the location of maximum thickness . engineering formulas for evaluating all scattering peaks were given in the paper . it is important for the design of low - rcs wing
    文摘:系统地揭示了翼形几何参数对机翼的空间散射特性、极化散射特性的影响规律.研究发现,在垂直极化状态下用理论尖劈公式计算机翼后缘绕射的计算结果与实验结果相差甚远.提出在垂直极化状态下机翼后缘绕射的计算必须将后缘厚度考虑在内的见解.对于水平极化,前缘散射波峰只与前缘半径有关;而对于垂直极化,前缘散射波峰与翼形最大厚度以及最大厚度位置有关.给出前后缘散射波峰的工程估算公式,为低雷达散射截面( rcs )机翼设计提供依据


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