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  1. Large efficient filtration areas , large bilge receiving capacity ; designed according to water wetting and discharging principles , coalescence separation filtration medium to remove water content in oil effectively
  2. As cleaning always involves only a small part of the filtration area , i . e . only a small number of filter candles are cleaned at any time , back - flushing is very fast and highly effective . filtration is not interrupted during the back - flushing process . the only moving parts are the back - flushing arm and the flow control device ; their plastic bushings re - adjust automatically and therefore wear and maintenance costs are extremely low
    反冲洗耗水量少:本机反冲时同一时间只清洗一到两只滤芯,占整个滤芯数量的十几到二十几分之一,所以排污耗水量小于设计流量的5 % ,反冲洗可自动定时差压手动切换,可编程序控制器plc控制。


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