forward swept中文什么意思

发音:   用"forward swept"造句
  • forward:    adv. 1.向前,前进 (opp. ...
  • swept:    sweep 的过去式及过去分词。
  • forward-swept:    前掠的
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  1. The back / forward sweep method is the most popular algorithm for loaf flow solution of radial distribution systems
  2. Tests on a practical radial distribution system have shown that , the proposed method is as robust as , but more efficient than the back / forward sweep method
  3. Joined - wing configuration features diamond - shapes in both the plan and front views . the front wing is aft swept with positive - dihedral angle and the rear wing is forward swept with negative dihedral angle
  4. In chapter three , a back / forward sweeps based on branch loss for power flow is presents , which is credited with simple program , good numerical value stability , small ems memory and rapid calculation
  5. 2 ) present the overall and local dynamic connectivity analysis method to fit with the network topology . 3 ) analyze the feature of distribution network , introduce some power flow calculation methods , select a back / forward sweep method and realize it
    ( 3 )分析了配电网的特点,介绍了几种常用的配电网的潮流,结合故障恢复的需要,采用了前推/回推算法,编程实现了该算法。


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