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= galena.
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  1. The ore ' s mineral component is simple , and its main association of minerals are leucocratic sphalerite - galenite ? iopsite ( epidot , chlorite ) . leucoratic sphalerite and diopsite are the guide minerals in the ore
    主要矿物组合为浅色闪锌矿-方铅矿-透辉石(绿帘石、绿泥石) ,其中浅色闪锌矿和透辉石为该类矿石的标型矿物。
  2. The test of sulfur and lead isotope of ores shows that mineralizing matter mainly comes from deep . the ore minerals are typical low - to - moderate - temperature hydrothermal minerals , such as stylotypite , galenite and chalcopyrite
  3. And we compared these deposits for the geological feature and the typmorphic feature of pyrite , galenite , shphalerite which provide mineral basis for prospective value and reserching target of these deposits
  4. Germanium enriched mainly in galenite , and cadmium enriched mainly in nonage sphalerite ; isomorphism is the subsistent state of ge and cd , but it ca n ' t exclude the probability that ge and cd absorbed by organic matter
    Ge主要富集在方铅矿中, cd主要富集于早期闪锌矿中; ge 、 cd的赋存状态为类质同象,但不排除部分被有机质吸附的可能性。
  5. The ore minerals are mainly composed of marmatlte , galenit , pyrrhotite ( pyrite ) , chalcopyrite , or marmatite , galenite , pyrite and hedenbergite . marmatite and hedenbergite are the indicated minerals of the ore
    主要矿物组合为铁闪锌矿-方铅矿-磁黄铁矿(黄铁矿) -黄铜矿或铁闪锌矿-方铅矿-黄铁矿-钙铁辉石,其中铁闪锌矿和钙铁辉石为该类矿石标型矿物。


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