governing valve中文什么意思

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  • govern:    vt. 1.统治;统辖;执掌(政权等 ...
  • valve:    n. 1.【机械工程】阀,活门,舌门 ...
  • pilot valve governing:    操纵阀调节
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  1. Pressure governor valve is composed by governing valve , oil , water separation devices and a combination of one - way valves , etc
  2. The control principles of 900 mw steam turbine governing valves are introduced , and the data relating to the servo valve installation and debugging are analyzed
  3. The causes of governing valve faults during operation are explained , and relevant technical measures to eliminate the faults are put forward
  4. When the governing valve was series - connected on the return oil - line in the metering - out control system , under the same flow area and the same adjusted pressure of relief valve , with the incremental quantity of step load , the pressure highly - adjusted capacity of the hydraulic cylinder chamber with piston - rod increased , meanwhile , it ' s time of rise , time to peak and the governing time all increased . at the same time , the pressure highly - adjusted capacity of the hydraulic cylinder chamber without piston - rod increased
    当出口节流调速系统的回油路上串接调速阀时,随阶跃负载的增加,在相同流量阀开度、相同溢流阀调节压力的情况下,液压缸有杆腔压力p _ 2 ( t )的超调量是增加的,上升时间、峰值时间以及调整时间也是增加的;液压缸无杆腔压力p _ 1 ( t )的超调量是增加的。


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