in regard of中文什么意思

发音:   用"in regard of"造句
关于..., 至于..
  • regard:    n. 1. 注重,注意,留意;考虑, ...
  • in regard to:    对于,就…而论; 关于至于; 关于, ...
  • in the regard:    代某人向…..问好; 关于此事
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  1. I counsel thee to keep the king ' s commandment , and that in regard of the oath of god
  2. They can absorbing a lot of positive effects from the film & tv culture , meanwhile , they are affected and misled recklessly in regard of value conception by the negtive effects of the culture
  3. In regard of participating motivation and organizational commitment , " the motivation to succeed " is not related to " the motivation of social response " and " the satisfaction of knowledge " , but others are significantly positive related
  4. In regard of the effect on stress intensity factor , a macro - element method to calculate stress intensity factor is simplified to analyze the variety of the stress intensity factor under different crack eccentricity ratio
    对于偏心裂纹应力强度因子,在计算方法上有效地简化了文献[ 5 ]中提出的大单元有限元计算模型,并且用于分析裂纹偏心度对于应力强度因子的影响。
  5. This paper outlines some features from the perspective of the concept of prefabricated phrases and elaborates for the first time the effect advantage in regard of lexicality frequency , semanticality and context , combining mental lexicon access affecting factors


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