in the lump中文什么意思

发音:   用"in the lump"造句
  • lump:    n. = lumpfish.
  • by the lump:    总共, 全数地, 总的说来; 总起来 ...
  • in a lump:    一次全部地
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  1. In the lump they were hard working people
  2. Quality requirements , cost control , progress schedule and execution supervision that the owner demands can be reflected in the lump - sum contract
  3. Emperor yongle organized the sailing team , sent zhen he to the west ocean for seven times , successively visited about 50 countries and regions , which have become in the ranks of the person who pays tribute in the lump
  4. The district government shall subsidize the enterprises that have set up postdoctoral research institutions in the lump sum of rmb100 , 000 , and each postdoctoral researcher with the r & d funt and living subsidy amounting to rmb30 , 000 every year in consecutive 2 year ( the postdoctoral researchers who work in the postdoctoral institutions under the enterprises manufacturing information and technological products shall be subsidized with the amount up to rmb100 , 000 )
  5. As a separate system , the system of statistics and analysis for the reliability of low - voltage user records reliability datum of every low - voltage user by gathering terminals , collects and deals with these datum with the technique of low - voltage power line carrier by lumped instrument . last , the datum in the lumped instrument are read in the database of the master station computer by telephone network


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