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  1. The main body of complaint should not be simply confined to the victim . the near relatives of the victim should be endowed with the right of complaint when the victim was compelled or threatened so that he can not institute a proceeding
  2. Usually there is a certain interval between the investigating & prosecuting apparatus instituting a proceeding and the court formally holding a hearing in public prosecution case . during the interval the judge will conduct a series of judicial action , that is to examine the complaint case to decide if it is necessary to open a hearing and also make procedural preparation for the hearing , this procedure is called pre - court examination procedure of public prosecution case
  3. This thesis mainly used the methods of comparable investigation and comprehensive analyze to make a preliminary research : shareholders derivative suit refers to such a suit : when a company ' s legitimate rights and interests are infringed upon by other people , especially the people having control powers , such as shareholders , parent company , directors and management personnel , and , while the company is slack to exercise its litigation rights , the shareholder being up to the standard can institute a proceeding to the infringer for the sake of company ' s rights and interests by his / her own name to holder the infringer subject to legal liabilities


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