insurance indemnity中文什么意思

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  1. An approach to the informational system of insurance control statistics focused on the ability of insurance indemnity
  2. Along with the development of our country ' s insurance business , defrauding insurance indemnities take place continuously and increasingly
  3. Article95 an insurance company shall , according to the insurance indemnities or payment claimed and the insurance indemnities or payment not yet claimed after the insured contingencies occur , draw reserve for outstanding losses
  4. The insurer trespass the lawful line if he give insurance indemnity to malignant party , but it is law for the party to get insurance proceeds of covered perils in spite of their gross fault , without the damage to the public interest
  5. Article 94 an insurance company shall set aside an outstanding loss reserve for the amount of insurance indemnity or the amount of the insurance benefits which have already been claimed , and for those amounts due for which the insured events have occurred , but which has not yet been claimed


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