later strength中文什么意思

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  • later:    adj. (late 的比较级)更[ ...
  • strength:    n. 1.力,力量,体力。 2.强度 ...
  • later on:    后来;稍后; 随后,以后; 晚些时候 ...
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  1. The tests show that the activity of the compound admixtures of lithium - salt residue and fly ash is higher than that of fly ash and there is a optimum ratio between the lithium - salt residue and fly - ash . the activity of the compound admixtures is of importance for the later strength of concrete , especially for the 60d and 28d strength
    大掺量复合掺合料混凝土强度试验中,该复合掺合料活性对混凝土后期强度的提高很重要,尤其60d 、 28d强度增长较大,但180d比60d增长幅度较小。
  2. The results show that the water soaking is vital to microstructure , its influence on shear strength is higher than it on deformation properties of clayey soil obviously ; when number of blows of more wet and vibrated soil increased , the damage of initial construction increased , but the later strength of construction increased for a little


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