learned hand中文什么意思

发音:   用"learned hand"造句
  • learned:    adj. 1.有学问的;博学的;精通 ...
  • hand:    n. 1.手;(猴子等的)脚;(一般 ...
  • it was learned:    据了解
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  1. In united states v . carroll towing co . , he defined reasonable care in algebraic terms . under the learned hand rule , a party is found negligent and therefore liable for ( at least part of ) the damages resulting from his actions if b < pl . " b " , the burden of adequate precautions , is the accident avoidance cost
    汉德法官在对“美利坚合众国诉卡罗尔拖轮公司案”的审理中,根据此理论提出了广为人知的“汉德公式” : b pl ,即侵害方是否承担责任取决于他采取预防措施的费用)是大于还是小于事故发生的可能性叩)和事故造成的损失几)的乘积。
  2. The aim of law is to grant legal rights to those who can get the highest benefit with the least waste . according to this theory , in the 1940 ' s , judge learned hand described the negligence standard as a balancing between the two sources of primary accident costs : accident avoidance and accident liability


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