long measure中文什么意思

发音:   用"long measure"造句
long measure = linear measure.
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  1. Why is hkupop no longer measuring the performance of news media once every three months
  2. Q : why is hkupop no longer measuring the performance of news media once every three months
  3. This paper introduces the long measure and research on the thermal environment of traditional residence in suzhou its result has some implication for house energy efficiency design in hot summer and cold winter zone
  4. Manual measure tools , such as micrometer were used to measure outside and inside diameter of tube product , which is effected by people factor and has long measuring period and low precision and dose not fulfill the on - line measuring need of batch production . so , according to the product line structure of tube product , the on - line measuring method with linear ccd is brought forward in this article and imitating operation is done by the mentioned method
  5. Products examination with traditional method exist the following questions : long measure cycle , heavy work load , low efficiency . in order to make the agricultural products processing machines can reach the performance and requirement that the country stipulates before producing in enormous quantities and putting on market , this article adopts data acquisition technology and plc control technology to research and design the performance examination system about agricultural products processing machines in foundation the require live and systematic technical indicator


  1. a measure of length


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