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  1. This source will have a power output of about 2 . 5gw with 25 % efficiency at 5 . 2ghz . the input modulate voltage is 125kv and the post - accelerating voltage is 600kv
    在调制腔电压125kv 、加速间隙电压600kv和电流15ka时,在c波段获得了峰值功率约2 . 5gw和约25效率的数值模拟结果。
  2. This paper has an overall research on the theory of vvvf , especially on the technology of spwm applied to pulse width - modulated voltage - source inverter . inverter is also made researches on , in which mcu 80c196mc and ipm pm20csj060 is used as the core . using those two key parts , a low - power inverter has been designed
    本文对变频调速理论进行了全面研究;特别对电压源间接变频中的spwm交流电动机调速技术进行了研究;本文还研究了以电机控制专用单片机80c196mc和型号为pm20csj060的智能功率模块( ipm )为核心的变频调速技术。
  3. The inverted pwm changing electric current the technique is applied in the prototype model . the prototype model was tested and operated on spot , power factor could reach beyond 0 . 95 , the effect of following modulating voltage was better , the curve of factor of modulated voltage of exchanging systems changed following load rate was linear , the output of wave form was a flat and steady sinusoidal wave
    样机采用了逆变式pwm变流技术,对其进行了现场测试与试运行,测试结果是电网侧的功率因数可达0 . 95以上,跟踪调压效果良好,变流系统输出调压系数( k )随负载率( p )的变化曲线基本满足直线关系,输出波形呈平滑稳定的正弦波。


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