modulating wave中文什么意思

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  1. Non - nyquist sampling method research on extent modulate wave signal
  2. Design and test for integrated simulation multiplier and demodulator circuit of modulated wave signal
  3. Also the external field can modulate wave - transmitting strength . at the range from 8 to 9 ghz , the minimum transmissivity value existed as to batio3 erf ; the frequency where the minimum value existed was tend to the lower frequency under the external field
    4 .对于钦酸钡电流变液,在8一gg频段范围内,微波透过率存在最小值,而且随电场强度增加透过率最小值点向低频方向移动。
  4. Step power is the key for step magnetic potential , the pulse width modulate technology that selects the triangle wave as the carrier and ladder sine wave as the modulate wave is researched , furthermore the design of the actuator drive adopts dsp as the digital controller is introduced
  5. Associated with the military project " high speed arbitrary waveform generator ( awg ) module " , this thesis focuses on the designing methodology of analog channel of the awg developed by uestc . signal filtering , amplitude and offset controlling , square wave and modulating wave ' s generating are studied in detail and corresponding circuit implementation are developed
    本文结合电子科技大学承担的军用型号项目“ vxi任意波形发生器es14v21 ” ,展开对任意波形发生器模拟通道设计技术的研究,详细讨论了信号的滤波、放大、衰减、加偏处理以及方波和调幅波的产生方式,并设计了具体电路。


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