reasons of state中文什么意思

发音:   用"reasons of state"造句
  • reason:    n. 1.理由,原因,缘故,动机。 ...
  • state:    n. 1.〔常作 S-〕国,国家;〔 ...
  • state (reasons):    申说
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  1. Ruling by law : great reasoning of state governance
  2. With this regard , on the base of current situation analysis , this paper looks into the true reason of state - owned enterprises " dilemma . also it points out the establishment of technology innovation system is the key answer to shake off dilemma quickly
  3. In a word , they all laid down their arms , and begg d their lives ; and i sent the man that had parley d with them , and two more , who bound them all ; and then my great army of 50 men , which particularly with those three , were all but eight , came up and seiz d upon them all , and upon their boat , only that i kept my self and one more out of sight , for reasons of state


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