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相关代数, 关系代数
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  1. In relational databases , an operator in relational algebra
  2. It is implied by the associative and commutative transformations permitted in relational algebra
  3. Leap is an rdbms ( relational database management system ) implementing the relational algebra - a core part of relational database theory
    Leap是一个rdbms ,它实现了关系代数,关系数据库理论的一个核心部分。
  4. A clause is formalized as a relational algebra expression and evaluated by employment of relational algebra operations . 3 . the proof theory based on xml is presented
  5. This course is designed to introduce graduate students to the foundations of database systems , focusing on basics such as the relational algebra and data model , query optimization , query processing , and transactions


In computer science, relational algebra is an offshoot of first-order logic and of algebra of sets concerned with operations over finitary relations, usually made more convenient to work with by identifying the components of a tuple by a name (called attribute) rather than by a numeric column index, which is what is called a relation in database terminology.


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