theory and composition中文什么意思

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  1. I graduated from canada in civil engineering program , then i study music in theory and composition , after that i take the master of music distance learning in beijing
  2. Abstract : the theory and composition of a low - cost high efficiency sensorless speed control system for brushless dc ( bldc ) motors is introduced . the position - sensing mathematical model of sensorless bldc rotor is discussed , and an application sample is presented
    文摘:分析了高效率低成本无传感器无刷直流电机( bldc )速度控制系统的工作原理及系统组成,讨论了无传感器转子位置检测的数学模型,给出了应用实例。
  3. Based on the basic theories and composition of optical wireless commu - nication system , the structure design of its apt ( acquisition , pointing , tracking ) sub - system and further research on apt technical algorithm have been discussed theoretically in this thesis
    本文在介绍光无线通信系统基本原理和组成的基础上,对其apt ( acquisition , pointing , tracking )子系统结构进行了理论设计,并对apt技术算法进行了深入研究。
  4. This dissertation mainly introduces and analyzes a design of data acquisition system of atomic absorption spectrophotometer based on epp the content of which includes : the basic theory and composition of atomic absorption spectrophotometer construction of particular hardware of the data acquisiton system the features of virtual device driver under windows 9x methods of desining the program via the vtoolsd of numega inc . application program edited by using delphi6 by analyzing the standard sample . the data acquisition system is reliable and feasible , which has been illustrated applied to shanghai hp 3200 atomic absorption spectrophotometer


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