theory and decision中文什么意思

发音:   用"theory and decision"造句
  • theory:    n. 1.理论,学理,原理。 2.学 ...
  • decision:    n. 1.决定。 2.判决。 3.决 ...
  • decision theory:    定下决心的理论; 决策理论; 决策论 ...
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  1. The development of modern science made it possible to widely use the advanced methods in shipping maintenance , chapter sixth is mainly about the application of modern science in shipping maintenance , such as it , optimize theory and decision support system
  2. Discusses the elements of formation and development about urban agglomerations spatial economic contacts , will be in favor of understanding of its spatial and industrial structure , definitudes its effect and status in region and nation , as the necessary supports for theory and decision - making of industrial division and functional judgment
  3. In the deregulated power market , the power grid operator is facing many uncertainty and risks risk concept , risk analysis approach and risk management are introduced in chapter ii , the maj or risks of grid operators is analyzed and evaluated in details based on the real situation and data of yueyang city , hunan province , the economic risk resulting from the uncertainty of load prediction of whole system , generation capacity and parallel quantity of the large enterprises self - owned power plant are analyzed meanwhile , the increase of large enterprises self - owned power plant may cause economic and security risks considering different risk , the qualitmive and quantitative approaches are respectively adopted the direct and indirect congestion risks are evaluated based on probabilistic theory and decision theory the retail pricing and trade modes are major areas embracing risks as well chapter iii divides the risks in internal and external ones based on the characteristics of risk and put forward the layered risk management approach


Theory and Decision is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal of decision science published quarterly by Springer Science+Business Media. It was first published in 1970.


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