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  • three:    n. 1.三个人[东西]。 2.三岁 ...
  • age:    n. 1.年龄。 2.成年〔满廿一岁 ...
  • ages:    晚期糖基化终末化产物
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  1. We laughed and put them on, three aging musketeers in the highest spirits despite the gray and drizzling day .
  2. During the festival , unmarried girls joined a foot race in three age groups
  3. Each of these past three ages seems to have been trial runs for humans to work through what they needed to learn . this current age , the fourth age , is the final phase . according to the hopi , the highest and greatest powers that we have will be released to us in this new age , which they refer to as the age of the human
  4. Niche breadth of four dominate populations at three age groups was studied by the methods of resource utilization ability and ratio . the result shows that : symplocos sectchuanensis is a typical gengeration species whi ch resource utilization ability is strong , and distribution is wide . meanwhile , go rdonia acuminata , castanopsis fargesis and pinus massoniana specialized at some d egree in resource utilizationm , their distribution is limited . especially , the ju venile of pinus massoniana specialized outstandingly . with the devlopment of pinu s massoniana , which is the pioneer population in mt . jinyun , the environment become s unfit to it ' s juvenile . it turns to needle and evergreen broad - leaves mixed fo r est . because the tolerance toward shading of gordonia acuminata is lower than tha t of castanopsis fargesis , gordonia acuminata will be substituted by castanopsis fargesis and other evergreen broad - leaves species are the edificators . the popul ation ' s ability of resource utilization is the inner factor of population distri bution and community succession . the distribution of light and the concentrate of nutrient ( such as n ) is the outer factors of community succession
    对缙云山森林植被的4个优势种群3个年龄级生态位宽度进行了研究.结果表明,川灰木利用资源的能力最强、分布广,为典型的泛化种.大头茶、栲树、马尾松对资源的利用在一定程度上特化,分布上有一定的局限性.马尾松的中龄组与幼龄组特化现象十分显著.缙云山森林植被的先锋种马尾松的发展,导致环境的改变不适于其幼龄个体的生长,群落演替到针阔叶混交林阶段,最后发展为以栲树等为建群种的常绿阔叶林.种群的资源利用能力,是种群分布与群落演替的内在原因,光因子和营养元素(如n )是群落演替的主要外部动力


Three Ages is a 1923 black-and-white American feature-length silent comedy film starring comedian Buster Keaton and Wallace Beery. The first feature Keaton wrote, directed, produced, and starred in (unlike The Saphead (1920), in which he only acted), Keaton structured the film like three inter-cut short films.


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