发音:   用"transversality"造句
横截性 相截性
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  1. This paper is concerned with , the existence and stability of travelling wave solutions for the viscous balance law which is an extension of viscous conservation law where a reaction term g ( u ) is added . l ) the existence of travelling wave solutions by geometric singular perturbation method , we investigate the existence of travelling waves ( a2 ) connecting a saddle point and a sink point and the existence of viscous shock waves c connecting two adjacent or disadjacent saddle points . by giving a detailed analysis of the fast and slow manifolds and verifying the transversality of the intersection of singular stable and unstable manifolds of the reduced problem along the singular heteroclinic orbit , we obtain the existence of travelling waves ( a2 ) in the case of a convex flow function / and that of viscous shock waves c under the assumption that f " is bounded
    主要结果如下: 1 )行波的存在性本文利用[ 37 ]中几何奇异摄动理论,通过仔细分析= 0时的快流、慢流,验证= 0时慢流方程的稳定与不稳定流形横截相交于奇异异宿轨道,先在f为凸的条件下严格证明了( )存在连接不相邻的鞍点、结点的行波( a2 ) ;然后在地f有界的条件下得到( )存在连接鞍点(包括相邻和不相邻)的粘性冲击波c ,弥补了[ 11 ]缺少严格证明的不足,并推广了[ 11 ]在f为凸的条件下得到的粘性冲击波的存在性结果。


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