trust partners中文什么意思

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  • trust:    n. 1.信任,信赖 (in)。 2 ...
  • partner:    n. 1.合伙人;合作者,伙伴;配手 ...
  • partners:    玻璃圈风云; 合伙人; 合作伙伴; ...
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  1. I go to meet my maker i trust he is a generous host , so long my trusted partner
  2. Staff service has been a trusted partner to international clients , large and small , for over twenty years
  3. Our long - term strategic objective target : make the best on our service awareness and standard , make the best trust partner to every customers
  4. The “ school - company partnership ” aims to cultivate entrepreneurial and leadership skills among our students , and i soon found amway to be a trusted partner in running this programme
  5. Unics welcomes the opportunity to serve its customers in the capacity of a trusted partner who is capable of coming up with excellent proposals by making use of its accumulated technology and experience


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