trust power中文什么意思

发音:   用"trust power"造句
  • trust:    n. 1.信任,信赖 (in)。 2 ...
  • power:    n. 1.力,力量;能力;体力,精力 ...
  • power in trust:    信托权
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  1. Secondly , the public trust power of registration
  2. Notarization is the non - lawsuit and quasi - judicial action in which the notary agency provides evidence of actions for the items to be notarized and is endued with the public trust power
    郑州“撬门公证案” 、西安体彩假票案和一些地方出现的公证质量等问题,使公证的公信力成为人们关注的焦点。
  3. The notary activity has a wide scope , has involved various aspects of the national economy and social life and is of strong functional roles , and the work is endued with the predicted public trust power by law
  4. But because our public notification system is not perfect , the registration do n ' t enjoy the public trust power at once . by making use of the chance of uniform examination of judicature , we can slowly make the registrar own corresponding intellectuals and experiences
  5. The board of trustees may , subject to any conditions or restrictions prescribed by the council , from time to time delegate to a committee or committees consisting of two or more of its members the execution or exercise of any its trusts powers and duties for such period of time and upon such terms as it thinks fit


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