weapons platform中文什么意思

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  • weapon:    n. 武器,兵器;斗争工具[手段]。 ...
  • platform:    n. 1.台,坛;讲坛,主席台。 2 ...
  • weapons:    兵器; 墙上挂着的矛; 武器;斗争工 ...
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  1. Key to the exercise were two factors : one , it provided the rsaf access to new air training space and two , to engage for the first time , with russian - made aircraft using different weapon platforms
  2. We believe that the tide of control system development are integration , automatization and intelligentization . the future attacking system will be a high performance uninhabited weapon platform which can perform full automated attack with high mission efficiency
  3. And it ' s application objects from conventional antenna entend to automobile or aircraft , etc . in the military domain , it ' s common to test missiles , aircraft , or similar weapons platforms for their radar cross - section in an attempt to reduce detectability by means of radar
    它的应用范围也从最初的天线测量,延伸到了现在的汽车、飞行器等。在军事领域,为了降低导弹、飞行器和各种武器平台的截获率,需要进行雷达散射截面( rcs )的测量。
  4. They include aerial medical evacuation , aerial reconnaissance , command and control , search and rescue , insertion of special operations forces , air assault operations , airborne operations , forcible - entry operations , military police mobility and maneuver support , communications retransmission , battlefield distribution for unit resupply , transport of individual and crew replacements , weapons platform , noncombatant evacuation operations , battlefield contractor transport , and battle damage assessment
  5. Missions and mission measures of success as well as the key linkages required to tie materiel measures of performance to mission measures of success can be defined appropriately within this framework . , and it can meet the needs of mapping the physical performance of components within weapons platform to mission - based utility in military operations so as to evaluate the effectiveness of weapons systems and systems - of - system


  1. any military structure or vehicle bearing weapons


A weapons platform is generally any structure or system on which a weapon can be mounted. For example, a fighter jet is a weapons platform for missiles, bombs or autocannons.


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