1968 intercontinental cup造句


  1. The ground also hosted the second leg of the 1968 Intercontinental Cup, which saw Estudiantes de La Plata win the cup after a 1 1 draw.
  2. As a player, he won seven championships : six playing for Estudiantes ( 1967 Metropolitano, 1968-1970 Copa Libertadores, 1968 Intercontinental Cup, and 1969 Interamericana Cup ) and one playing for Independiente ( 1963 AFA Championship ).
  3. It would be the first time the club had hosted a major European final, although it had been the venue for both the two-legged 1968 Intercontinental Cup between Manchester United and Argentine club Estudiantes de La Plata, and the 1991 European Super Cup between Manchester United and Yugoslavian club Red Star Belgrade, which had been scheduled to be played over two legs, only for the Yugoslavian leg to be cancelled due to the wars in the country at the time.
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