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  1. Hannibal reduced it in 216 BC by starvation, and destroyed the town.
  2. It was betrayed to Hannibal in 216 BC after the defeat of Cannae, but recaptured two years later.
  3. Lleida was the Scipio in 216 BC, and Julius C鎠ar defeated Pompey's forces in 49 BC.
  4. In 216 BC Hannibal accomplished one of the most famous flanking maneuvers of all history at the Battle of Cannae.
  5. In the spring of 216 BC, he took the initiative and seized the large supply depot at Cannae in the Apulian plain.
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  7. During Hannibal's apocalyptic march through Italy ( 218 216 BC ), thousands of Roman cavalrymen were killed in the field.
  8. Edouard Chavannes quotes Livy to illustrate the ceremonial use of skull cups by the Boii, a Celtic tribe in Europe in 216 BC.
  9. In 216 BC Hasdrubal kept at a distance until he received reinforcements of 4, 000 infantry and 1, 000 cavalry from Africa.
  10. In 216 BC Antiochus'army marched into western Anatolia to suppress the local rebellion led by Antiochus'own cousin Laodice who surrendered later.
  11. The younger Fabius was a military tribune in 216 BC, and was among the survivors of the Battle of Cannae who ended up at Canusium.
  12. The only other notable event of 216 BC was the defection of Capua, the second largest city of Italy, which Hannibal made his new base.
  13. Following the Gallic wars, Marcellus seems to drop below the historical radar until the year 216 BC, ushering in the latter part of his life.
  14. When Hannibal nevertheless entered Capua following the Battle of Cannae in 216 BC, Calavius restrained his son from a rash attempt on the general's life.
  15. Schlieffen's seminal treatise, " Cannae ", which concerned the decidedly un-modern battle of 216 BC in which Hannibal defeated the Romans.
  16. The Romans weren't using our Gregorian calendar in 216 BC, and the Chinese " certainly " weren't using it in 2136 BC!
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