a chance to study造句

"a chance to study"是什么意思   


  1. Only through much effort , i finally won a chance to study at school
  2. I cried out . i came only for a chance to study at school
  3. If i had a chance to study abroad , i would study at cambridge university
  4. He dangled before her a chance to study abroad to get her to marry him
  5. The fulbright program gives american a chance to study , teach or do research in other countries
  6. It's difficult to find a chance to study in a sentence. 用a chance to study造句挺难的
  7. Ms . jiem had a great interest in this field for a long time but until now didn t have a chance to study
  8. Opportunity went as far down endurance crater as it dared before emerging in mid - december , but it may still have a chance to study even deeper sediments
    12月中旬再度露面前, “机遇号”将尽其所能向“耐力”陨石坑深处挺进,它依然有机会观测到更底层的沉积物。
  9. Singaporeans , especially young singaporeans who have just started work , will then get a chance to study a third language during their free time
  10. The reason he is not going to teach his own son because he fear his son will get in trouble after he know kung fu . until once inccident . his son got a chance to study kung fu from lok
  11. Participants will be guided by academics and will have a chance to study in universities , which are experiences not available in other tour programmes , said mr . tik chi - yuen , director of sage
  12. Being committed to the future of hong kong , manulife has been offering the renewable manulife - canadian international school scholarships for children of its customers since 1997 . the scholarships provide talented children with a chance to study in a first - class international school


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