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  1. Tom Abate of the Chronicle staff contributed to this report.
  2. ABATE of Arizona runs a Motorcycle Awareness Program or MAP.
  3. In this case, the local review was biased, said Abate of Ardsley.
  4. ABATE of Arizona is a motorcycle rights organization with about 1, 000 members.
  5. Sen . Catherine M . Abate of Manhattan said during a news conference Tuesday morning.
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  7. There is no abating of his bitterness.
  8. Some of Overmyer's favorite past gigs were the ones sponsored by ABATE of Indiana.
  9. State Sen . Catherine Abate of Manhattan has raised $ 357, 000 and has $ 306, 000 on hand.
  10. Supporters of the plan outnumber opponents, Mayor Sam Abate of Ardsley said, but he fears they are growing anxious.
  11. Frank Abate of Dictionary and Reference Specialists in Old Saybrook, Conn ., responded : " I know of no such word.
  12. In the Finals he won against Dave Mustaine of Megadeth and Gary Dell'Abate of " The Howard Stern Show ".
  13. Funding for the MAP Program is provided by the membership of ABATE of Arizona, through their various fund raising events and membership dues.
  14. Meanwhile, State Sen . Catherine Abate of New York City, a Democrat and former New York City correction commissioner, has done some disturbing math.
  15. Upon the abating of the Cuban Missile Crisis, " Whetstone " resumed normal operations; she deployed once again on a WestPac tour that December.
  16. A " Madonna of the Snake " by Ambrogio Figino, once found in the church, is now in the church of Sant'Antonio Abate of the city.
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