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"abatement notice"是什么意思   


  1. A noise abatement notice is served on the club
  2. Handling and advising on a noise abatement notice action for a local cafe
  3. Noise abatement notices ; and
  4. Controls noise from industrial and commercial activities , including ventilation noise , through noise abatement notices
  5. Technical memorandum for issuing air pollution abatement notices to control air pollution from stationary polluting process please visit your nearest epd office
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  7. In the case of appeals against noise abatement notices , the notice to which the appeal relates will normally be suspended in its operation until such time as the appeal is disposed of
  8. A noise abatement notice will be issued to the operator of industrial or commercial premises that emit excessive noise , requiring him to abate the noise within a specified period
  9. Fire hazard abatement notices requiring the removal of fire hazards . these helped to ensure that fire prevention measures met the required standards and enhanced public awareness of fire safety
  10. Fire services personnel conducted 195 744 fire safety inspections of all types of premises and issued 10 812 fire hazard abatement notices requiring the removal of fire hazards
  11. A noise abatement notice may require the owner or occupier to bring his noise emissions into a state of compliance by certain date and non - compliance with such a notice will be an offence
  12. The epd will , in practice , respond to complaints lodged by members of the public and compliance with the acceptable noise levels will be required only after a noise abatement notice has been served
  13. Noise from places such as industrial , commercial , trade or business premises is controlled by means of noise abatement notices which may be served on owners or occupiers of premises if the noise emitted
  14. It should be noted that there is no requirement for industry in general to achieve the acceptable noise levels immediately , but to bring the noise level to or below the anl by the date specified on the noise abatement notice
  15. Even for a cremator of a small capacity , if it causes any air pollution problems to its neighbourhood , epd can issue air pollution abatement notices to its owner under the air pollution control ordinance . any person who does not comply with the air pollution abatement notices commits an offence


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