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  1. Abysmal Dawn released this album on May 13 ( May 19 internationally ).
  2. By November, Abysmal Dawn had entered Haddad s new studio to begin the next full-length.
  3. Abysmal Dawn spent the next three-months in and out of the studio crafting " Programmed to Consume ".
  4. In November and December the same year a North American headlining tour followed, supported by Abysmal Dawn and Last Chance to Reason.
  5. In February 2008, Abysmal Dawn signed a deal with Relapse Records, making " Programmed to Consume " the band s label debut.
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  7. According to Abysmal Dawn's frontman Charles Elliott, the title of the album was inspired by the term'planned obsolescence', and is applied to all of mankind.
  8. The band toured as part of the 2009 Relapse Contamination Tour alongside fellow label-mates Obscura and Abysmal Dawn in April and May leading up to the official " Salarian Gate"
  9. "After a series of set backs, illness, and going through a world of shit in our personal lives, we had no choice but to make this record our revenge and the defining moment for Abysmal Dawn.
  10. ""'Leveling The Plane of Existence " "'is the third full-length album from American death metal band Abysmal Dawn which was released on February 1, 2011 in the United States, and February 14 worldwide through Relapse Records.
  11. In 2007, Abysmal Dawn played a handful of festivals ( LA Murderfest, Gathering of the Sick, Burning Star Metal Fest, and more ) but most of the band s time was devoted to writing and rehearsing new material for their follow-up to " From Ashes ".


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