abysmal torment造句


  1. He was featured on all three Abysmal Torment releases.
  2. "' Abysmal Torment "'is a death metal band from Malta formed in 2000 by Nick Farrugia.
  3. Unfortunately we have lost our brother Wayne Vella ( Drummer in Abysmal Torment from 2001 2008 ) who had just turned 25.
  4. On 17 August 2010, Abysmal Torment received the news that former drummer Wayne Vella died in an accident at his place of work.
  5. In August 2007, Abysmal Torment traveled to Italy for the South Extreme Noise Festival and later traveled Europe with a 23 date tour throughout 12 countries together with Sanatorium, headlining fests such as the Ludwigshafen Deathfest, Slovak Deathfest and Luzern Deathfest.
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