1. However, before she could take the ring, Atrocitus killed Abysmus and restored the central battery, whereupon Bleez's ring returned to full strength.
  2. After the Red Lantern central power battery was poisoned by Abysmus, Bleez returned to Ysmault with her Red Lanterns, briefly coming into conflict with Atrocitus, who had been drawn back by the dying battery.
  3. Furthermore, it was revealed that they were the masterminds behind the release of Abysmus, one of Atrocitus'early experiments at creating life by the use of necromancy and shamanic rituals, whom in turn had tried to destroy the Red Lantern Corps by poisoning their Central Power Battery.
  4. During a conversation with Atrocitus, Krona's spirit-which manifests as a result of Abysmus's manipulations-claims that he became caught up in his work after his wives and child were killed in accident, but Atrocitus dismisses the idea that this excuses his later actions; moments later, the newly freed Volthoom disperses Krona's spirit, apparently ending the last remnants of his existence.
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