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  1. Only Christian accounts note Zenobia's Jewishness; no Jewish source mentions it.
  2. Some accounts note that each male soldier had a " N'Nonmiton " counterpart.
  3. A newspaper account noted that Billy " has skinned out ."
  4. In the same year the accounts noted a gift of a horse ambulance.
  5. Some accounts note the inequality between well-off partisans and poor inhabitants of the camp.
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  7. Other accounts noted the cause as pneumonia, typhus or murder.
  8. More than one account noted that the whites tried to conceal how many blacks were killed.
  9. A 1730 account notes Mardi Gras celebrations here.
  10. One account noted that McLain was " on the rampage, tearing crazily thru the Bucknell line ."
  11. Contemporary accounts noted that Jim Tomilson, a regular, was having his morning eyeopener when the women walked in.
  12. Note to closing admin : my concern about several user accounts noted by PJacobi and myself above stands.
  13. Pre-season accounts noted : " In Frank Steketee, Michigan has one of the best distance punters in the conference ."
  14. One account notes, Alston and his son, Stack Island, in the lower Mississippi River, about 170 miles upriver from Natchez.
  15. One news account noted that Gore has always had the privilege of visiting Clinton in his office without scheduling an appointment.
  16. One account noted his term was " a model administration " which provided for the city's growth and better law enforcement.
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