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  1. After the publication of " An Account of Corsica"
  2. The publication in 1766 of " An Account of Corsica " by James Boswell made Paoli famous throughout Europe.
  3. While Boswell was alive, sales of " An Account of Corsica " were greater than any of his other publications, including " The Life of Samuel Johnson " book.
  4. Catharine Macaulay, an historian of the time, also found fault with the initial " Account of Corsica " and said it was not as good as " The Journal ".
  5. The basis for " The Life of Samuel Johnson " and " The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides ", both written with Johnson as the hero, and " An Account of Corsica " portraying Paoli as a hero.
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  7. Writing in 1995, Rogers highlights similarities between the tales found in " An Account of Corsica " and the " Tour of the Hebrides " and refers to Boswell as wanting to be a " vagabond with a cause " and describes the Corsican uprising as " a real gift to Boswell ".
  8. :: I have side stepped the issue by creating the stub Account of Corsica-the book and its context is notable, noting that even though wikipedia does not have corsican independence issues of the 1760s as a separate article . . . the issue is subsumed into the history of Corsica and Corsican Republic . sats 04 : 24, 23 July 2013 ( UTC)


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