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  1. During this time, the Acheulean industry of Kalambo Falls was superseded by the Sangoan culture.
  2. These hand axes became more abundant in mode II Acheulean industries that appeared in Southern Ethiopia around 1.4 mya.
  3. The more refined handaxe became known as the Acheulean industry, named after Saint-Acheul, today a suburb of Amiens.
  4. Proponents of the Clactonian as an independent industry point to the lack of concrete evidence in favour of it being an anomalous Acheulean industry.
  5. The period has produced a rich and widespread distribution of sites by Palaeolithic standards, although uncertainty over the relationship between the Clactonian and Acheulean industries is still unresolved.
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  7. The handaxe is associated with the Acheulean industry, 1.6 million to 0.2 million years ago, and was mostly replaced by better tools by 40, 000 years ago.
  8. It was completely replaced around 250, 000 years ago by the more complex Acheulean industry, which was first conceived by " Homo ergaster " around 1.8 or 1.65 million years ago.
  9. The specific epithet, " " ergaster " ", is derived from the Ancient Greek " workman ", in reference to the advanced lithic technology developed by the species, thereby introducing the Acheulean industry.
  10. Because the use of Acheulean tools began ca . 1.8 million years ago, and the line of " H . erectus " diverged some 200, 000 years before the general innovation of Acheulean industry in Africa, then it is plausible that the Asian migratory descendants of " H . erectus " made no use of Acheulean technology.


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