1. The line is at km 186.636 on the Abbeville Eu railway between Acheux-Franleu.
  2. Men of the 4th Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment marching to the trenches; Acheux-en-Ami閚ois, France, 27 June 1916.
  3. The 1st Cavalry Division, twelve batteries of siege artillery and three divisional artilleries from the Third Army was transferred to the Reserve Army and all in France were brought to Acheux.
  4. Edward meanwhile was determined to break the French blockade of the Somme and probed at several points in late August, vainly attacking Acheux whilst the French army was just six miles away in Abbeville, watching the bridge there in case Edward attempted to attack it.
  5. In the Fifth Army area, repair work was concentrated on the railway up the Ancre valley, the Candas Acheux line, two light railways and the Albert Bapaume, Hamel Achiet le Petit Achiet le Grand and Serre Puisieux Bucquoy Ablainzevelle roads, most of the labour coming from front-line divisions.
  6. It's difficult to find acheux in a sentence. 用acheux造句挺难的
  7. On 29 September, Joffre added X Corps which was at Acheux, north of Amiens, the Cavalry Corps which was south-east of Arras and a provisional corps under General Victor d'Urbal, of the 70th and 77th Reserve divisions, one in Arras and the other in Lens, to the new Tenth Army.


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