activity amount造句

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  1. a . niger m-l which was screened in our laboratory produced a strongly a-transglucosidase . in this paper, studies on the fermentation conditions, purification and characterization of a-transglucosidase and its necessary groups was carried out in this dissertation . the main reports were as following : the fermentation conditions in shaking flasks were investigated by the method of single-factor analysis, the suitable main medium was achieved : which contained 4 % a, 2 % b and 1 % g; the a . niger m-l was inoculated into 100ml medium in flask, shaking in 33 c at 140r / min for four days, with initial ph6.5 and 6 % inocula volume; adding 0.1 mmol / l methyl a-d-glucopyranoside had inductive effect on enzyme formation, the a-transglucosidase activity amounted to 296.05u / ml
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