african porcupine造句

"african porcupine"是什么意思   


  1. The African porcupine uses the protection of these cliffside caves.
  2. The African porcupine is not a climber and forages on the ground . but will sometimes forage for food in the day.
  3. The natural vertebrate host is the African porcupine ( " Atherurus africanus " ) but it is possible to infect the large vesper mouse ( " Calomys callosus " ) and " Meriones unguiculatus ".
  4. A pair of bison sold for $ 1, 925; a lot of three wisent for $ 6, 600; a pair of African porcupines for $ 1, 220; an African spurred tortoise for $ 1, 100; and a lot of five guanacos for $ 7, 150.
  5. This section is home to giant anteaters, agouti, red pandas, Chilean flamingo peacocks, spider monkeys, Morelet's crocodiles, prairie dogs, southern screamer, tufted capuchins, scarlet macaws, meerkats, African spurred tortoise, kinkajous, blue tegu, hamadryas baboons, trumpeter hornbills, highland guan, gray brocket, African porcupines, rhinoceros hornbills, gray Mexican wolf, Indian pythons, crocodile monitor, savannah monitor, squirrel monkeys, red-handed tamarin, horned guan, patas monkey, big hairy armadillo, great horned owl and black swans.
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