aguni islands造句


  1. The village occupies the entirety of Aguni Island.
  2. She was named after the Aguni Islands.
  3. is a 1999 film written and directed by Yuji Nakae about Nanako Agarikinjo ( Naomi Nishida ) returning to Aguni Island ( Okinawa ) to visit her grandmother, Nabbie Agarikinjo, played by Tomi Taira.
  4. She remained off Okinawa, supporting U . S . operations during and after the Okinawa campaign, until 1 July 1945, during which time she served as flagship for the occupation of Iheya and Aguni Islands between 3 June 1945 and 9 June 1945.
  5. Similarly, whole families committed suicide or were killed by near relatives in order to avoid suffering what they believed would be a worse fate at the hands of American forces; for instance, on Zamami Island at Aguni Island, 90 residents were killed and 150 houses were destroyed.
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