1. In the essay, she conflates Esther to modern day agunot.
  2. The agunot have waited long enough.
  3. Prof . Joseph has been particularly active in the issue of agunot, women denied divorce.
  4. Our hearts go out to agunot, but freeing them improperly only transfers them to a worse prison,
  5. There are still an estimated 1, 000 agunot in Israel, many with husbands already in jail.
  6. It's difficult to find agunot in a sentence. 用agunot造句挺难的
  7. Over the past few centuries, thousands of responsa have been written to deal with cases of agunot.
  8. In January 2000 Levmore became the first woman to join the  Agunot Unit of the Directorate of the Israeli Rabbinical Courts.
  9. Orthodox feminists make a priority of fighting on the behalf of " agunot, " and the " agunah crisis ".
  10. He then created " Der Mensch " an Opening title sequence for a would be Orthodox Western, whose main character frees Agunot.
  11. *On December 13th of 2013 Levmore published an article entitled " For many potential agunot halachic prenups indeed break their chains for The Times of Israel.
  12. A 2009 report of the U . S . State Department mentions the problem of civil marriage, agunot and mixed gender prayer services at the Western Wall.
  13. Other topics included lifecycle rituals, Jewish education and the plight of agunot, women who cannot date or remarry because their husbands will not give them Jewish divorces.
  14. A new rabbinical court has been formed to " free " agunot from their dead marriages _ all under the auspices of halacha, or Jewish law.
  15. Following the Canadian success, Joseph helped form the International Coalition for Agunah Rights ( ICAR ), an international coalition of women's groups advocating for agunot.
  16. At one time, there were over 16, 000 agunot in Israel, and rabbinical courts handled 400 cases a year of husbands refusing to grant their wives a get.
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