1. The official name was " Municipium Claudium Aguntum ".
  2. Aguntum was destroyed and even Lavant suffered a major fire.
  3. He was professor at the University of Vienna and undertook excavations at Ephesus, Agrigento, Aigeira and Aguntum.
  4. Aguntum was a mining and trading centre which exploited local sources of iron, copper, zinc and gold.
  5. The villa covered an area of 3, 000 square yards and is the largest residential building so far discovered in Aguntum.
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  7. The minor planet was named for the ancient Roman town, Aguntum, in the Noricum province of the Roman Empire, in what is nowadays mostly Austria.
  8. When the Western Roman Empire collapsed, Aguntum passed under the control of the Ostrogoths and was fought over by Franks, Avars, in which Garibald was completely defeated.
  9. The historian Theodor Mommsen proposed that the ruins were those of Aguntum, a theory which was confirmed in 1882 when a marble slab inscribed with the name was discovered.
  10. The discovery of a layer of ash, as well as the remains of a man and a child in the bath house, points to the sack of Aguntum by the invading barbarians under Radagaisus and Alaric.
  11. Repeatedly flooded by the Debantbach, the ruins of Aguntum remained visible until the 16th century, for in 1599 Veit Netlich, a lawyer, mentioned gravestones with " unknown writing " and reported that " according to a myth, here was a heathen city ".
  12. The oldest Roman remains are a two-roomed wooden structure discovered beneath the bath house and dated to the mid-first century BC . According to Pliny the Elder, the emperor Claudius granted Aguntum the status of " municipium ", a status which is attested by inscriptions, including funerary inscriptions, which refer to " cultores Genii municipii Agunti ".


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