1. The cheese plate included St . Agur, Reblochon and crottin de Chavignol.
  2. Brands include Saint Agur Blue, Saint Albray, Etorki, and Alouette.
  3. Agur winery produces wine from four blends  blanca, rose, kessem, and special reserve.
  4. The Demo Center was opened on January 29, 2009 in the Ustus Agur House in 躭emiste City.
  5. He was born in Kafir Agur, Kano in 1938 and was educated at New York Institute of Management.
  6. It's difficult to find agur in a sentence. 用agur造句挺难的
  7. Saint Agur is produced in octagonal rind and sometimes comes in foil to prevent the cheese from becoming more blue.
  8. "It's not pungent like Roquefort, but it's not sweet and creamy like St . Agur.
  9. Chapter 30 : 1 4, the " sayings of Agur ", introduces creation, divine power, and human ignorance.
  10. I refer the interested reader to Kasparov and Agur to get an appreciation of the wide variety of Fischer's contributions to chess theory.
  11. Lt . Agur Tomlinson, Ensign of the army raised in Fairfield County, would later marry Ephraim Hawley's widow Sara Welles in 1692.
  12. Later, in a parallel saying of Agur, the insects figure among the'four things that are little upon the earth but they are exceeding wise.
  13. He also co-wrote ( with Professor Anne M . R . Agur and Professor Arthur F . Dalley ) " Essential Clinical Anatomy ".
  14. Local cheese merchants rhapsodize about a number of imported blues, but one of the most frequently mentioned is the newish St . Agur, a cow's milk cheese from France.
  15. Although the " Agur " possesses little originality, it held an important position among law codes, and is often quoted, especially by Joseph Caro in the Shulchan Aruch.
  16. Tali and her husband Hendrik Agur, director of the Gustav Adolf Grammar School in Talinn, were married in 2014, and the couple have a child, born in May 2015.
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