airspeed ambassador造句


  1. The next aircraft type was the pressurised Airspeed Ambassador.
  2. In January 1943 he joined Airspeed Ltd . as technical director and was responsible for the Airspeed Ambassador ( BEA Elizabethan ).
  3. The specification was therefore split in two, with the conventional piston design going to the eventual de Havilland Dove and Airspeed Ambassador.
  4. BEA operated the Viking until late 1954, when the last was displaced by the more modern and pressurised Airspeed Ambassador and Vickers Viscount.
  5. British propliners included the Airspeed Ambassador, Vickers Viking, and Handley Page Hermes, while the Canadair North Star was produced in Canada.
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  7. The main beneficiaries of this exercise was the De Havilland factory which was producing Sea Venom and Sea Vixen jet fighters and Airspeed Ambassador twin piston engined airliners.
  8. In 1952, BEA took over service to London with an Airspeed Ambassador, which featured a Vickers Viscount 701 on their scheduled service from London to Rome and Athens.
  9. During World War II aircraft company Airspeed Ltd set up a design office at Fairmile Manor which designed the civil aircraft the Airspeed Ambassador before moving back to Portsmouth in the late 1940s.
  10. *1958  In the Munich air disaster, a British European Airways Airspeed Ambassador operating as Flight 609 crashes during takeoff from Munich-Riem Airport, killing 23 of 44, including eight Manchester United footballers.
  11. This led to a split into the IIA and IIB types, with the de Havilland Dove and Airspeed Ambassador filling the IIA requirement, and the Vickers AW . 55 Apollo filling IIB ( specification 8 / 46 ).
  12. On 3 July 1968 Airspeed Ambassador registration " G-AMAD " of BKS Air Transport, crashed at London Heathrow Airport, damaging two parked Trident airliners as it cartwheeled into the incomplete London Heathrow Terminal 1, then under construction.
  13. Dan-Air's arrival at Gatwick in 1960 coincided with the entry into service of three former Butler Air Transport Airspeed Ambassadors, the airline's first One-Elevens assumed the bulk of these operations towards the end of the decade.
  14. At the end of the war, Butler registered Butler Air Transport Pty Ltd as a public company, that became the most successful airline in New South Wales, operating three Douglas DC-3s, Avro Ansons, De Havilland Herons and three Airspeed Ambassadors.


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