airspeed courier造句


  1. Armstrong Siddeley Lynx 1925 7 cyl radial, 150-220 hp : Airspeed Courier.
  2. Cobham's early experiments with in-flight refuelling were based on a specially adapted Airspeed Courier.
  3. On 29 September 1934, an Airspeed Courier of London, Scottish & Provincial Airways Ltd "'crashed "'just north of Shoreham, Kent.
  4. For the innovation of developing a hydraulic retractable undercarriage for the Airspeed Courier, and his work on R100, Shute was made a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.
  5. *1934  A London, Scottish & Provincial Airways Airspeed Courier crashes at Tiverton Bottom, Shoreham, Kent, in the United Kingdom, killing all four people on board.
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  7. The Monospar ST-6 was only the second British aircraft to fly with retractable landing gear ( the first, the Airspeed Courier, was flown a few weeks earlier ).
  8. Altogether Tiltman designed about 15 different types of aircraft . He was elected Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society in 1933 for his design of the Airspeed Courier with its retractable undercarriage.
  9. Cobham was one of the founding directors of Airspeed Limited, an aircraft manufacturing company which went on to produce a specially adapted Airspeed Courier that Cobham used for his early experiments with in-flight refueling.
  10. By winter 1948, a huge expansion of the fledgling airline's pleasure flying and charter business resulted in acquisition of seven additional aircraft . These included five de Havilland Dragon Rapides, a Miles Aerovan and an Airspeed Courier.


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